About Me

I grew up in Tillsonburg and now live in Belmont, ON with my wonderful husband and two young children. Following a ten year career as a clerk in a large London law firm and a side-business of wedding videography, I now enjoy officiating as my main focus (besides my family, of course!) I love cooking, reading books of all genres and pushing the stroller for long walks around my village. I am also the London & area collector for The Brides' Project (wedding dresses and accessories are re-sold at their store in Toronto and profits are donated to cancer related charities.)

Why I Love Officiating

Well, I love public speaking and weddings! Some of the ceremonies I remember best from my videography days are the ones that I felt could have greatly been improved on. I never want your guests to feel the same way about me. It gives me great joy to provide a ceremony that a couple has helped put together and to fulfill their trust in my delivery of it. When I am approached by guests afterward with compliments, I am driven to do just as well in the future. Alternatively, there is often something that I can improve on or a lesson to take away which keeps things exciting for me. No two weddings are the same and unexpected things often happen. I must be a problem solver and able to think quickly to ensure the ceremony flows smoothly no matter what.

My Vision

It is quite simple - my vision is your vision! Whether it be a wedding, baptism or naming ceremony, you likely have an idea of what you want said and how you expect the ceremony to unfold. You may also know what it is you DON'T want based on what you've seen in other ceremonies. We will use these ideas to customize your special day. My role is to guide you by providing samples and suggestions based on my experiences. Unless something unexpected occurs, I stick to the content we previously decided on. I would NEVER ask you to do or say anything during the ceremony that you haven't pre-approved and are not comfortable with.