What is a spiritual ceremony?

The spiritual ceremony refers to God or another higher power either directly or indirectly. Simply adding one short prayer or spiritual reading turns a non-denominational ceremony into a spiritual one. Some couples, who are not religious themselves but have spiritual families, struggle with wanting a non-denominational ceremony with their wish to please others. This can be done simply by adding the "Love is patient, love is kind" reading as it is directly from the Bible but not overly religious.

What is a non-denominational ceremony?

There is no mention of God within the ceremony and any chosen readings are not verses from the Bible. These ceremonies are quite popular as many couples either do not identify with a church or are looking for an informal, less traditional ceremony. If a couple is searching for a ceremony that is unique, consideration is given to a handfasting ceremony which is different and a lot of fun for guests to watch.

Do I Need a Rehearsal?

A rehearsal is not mandatory but will give everyone involved a better idea of what will happen on the wedding day. If children are in the bridal party a rehearsal can help them understand their role and perhaps calm any nervousness. Sometimes it is difficult to arrange a rehearsal time because you will need to book your venue again, thus incurring additional rental fees. Consider holding your rehearsal at your home or another convenient location. Rehearsals are traditionally held within two days of the ceremony, but it can actually be held anytime everyone can get together, even if it is a month before the wedding.

You may also view my rehearsal checklist under "Samples" to better understand the items covered during the rehearsal.

If you hired a wedding planner, a rehearsal would be helpful for both of us to understand one another's responsibilities before the ceremony and review our checklists together.

There is an additional fee of $50.00 for me to conduct a rehearsal.

Can pets be included?

Absolutely! There are many fun ways to include pets and we are only limited by the rules of the ceremony venue.

Do you perform ceremonies other than weddings?

Yes! Please contact me with your questions about baptisms and naming ceremonies.

What is your fee?

There are several factors which determine the fee for my services including size and formality of wedding, need for planning meetings and travel.

To obtain a quote for my services please visit my listings at www.allseasonsweddings.com or www.ontariobaptisms.ca.