Trends in 2015 Weddings

This season was a busy one that included just about every sort of wedding you can imagine. Country properties, hotels, manors and estates, both small and large guest lists, DJs, live musicians, etc. It was wonderful to see how a couples’ personality shone through each wedding. Individuality is the word I use to sum up 2015.

Photo by Dave Viera
Chris and Jody Graham – Photo by Dave Viera

Couples are working harder than ever to personalize their wedding. This has never been more easily identified than with the bridal gowns. Often you can look back and say, ‘oh, this was the year of the fit-and-flair’ or ‘lots of ballgowns this year.’ Instead, there as a mixture of styles from years past and each one fit the bride perfectly – both physically and in style. Maybe the lessons from the wedding dress shows on TV are finally starting to sink in. After all, what’s the point of spending loads of money on a gorgeous, designer gown if it looks awkward on the bride. My brides this year carried themselves with confidence and grace. The ‘natural’ look was often chosen, but if the bride wanted to wear lots of lipstick and heavy eye-makeup then she did! And she did it well because it is who she is on an average day.

I also had numerous couples concentrate on their vows and the importance of those words. Rather than just selecting a nice set of vows from my samples, they really took the time to discuss those words and change them to match their relationship and hopes for their future. When they finally spoke those words during the ceremony, they were meaningful because each sentence was chosen carefully by them, together.

It is always fun for me to hear the music a couple has selected for their ceremony. Many of my 2015 brides wanted to walk down the aisle to their own song, making a different selection for their mothers and bridesmaids to walk to. In fact, I don’t think I heard Pachabel’s Cannon once. Brides want a song they love from their favourite movies or a song that they danced to with their groom early in their relationship. Forget instrumental music – many songs included the lyrics too. It simply adds to an already emotional moment and though guests may not understand the music selection, the couple does and that’s all that matters.

There was a time when MP3 players and iPODs ruled wedding. Couples, even those not on a tight budget, thought using these devices would be easy. Thankfully, people have realized that having a professional DJ really does make the wedding go much smoother. If couples are having difficulty finding a particular song, a DJ likely can. DJs can play requests from your guests and they are ready and watching me carefully to play the music at the correct moment – no pauses or mistakes. DJs can also provide me with a microphone for large outdoor weddings and adjust the volume throughout the ceremony to ensure everyone can hear. This, in itself, is vital for a successful ceremony. Though some feel DJs can be expensive, if you are having a dance at your reception I highly suggest hiring one for these reasons. Many venues even recommend specific DJs that they often work with which helps narrow the challenge in selecting one yourself.

Parents of brides/grooms have also been choosing to sit on the opposite side of the aisle as their child. This way the parents can see the face of their child during the ceremony rather than their backs. This is one idea I got from a friend’s wedding and every time I suggested it, the parents loved the idea. Hopefully this trend will continue.

2015 was a fun year with couples’ engagements being longer than in years past. This has allowed them, and me, time to plan creative ceremonies. I am looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings!

What I Would Change About My Wedding

After 11 years of marriage, having a wedding videography business and officiating ceremonies, there is a LOT that I would change about my wedding. Chances are you feel the same way even if you’ve only been married for a short time. Styles change from year to year, from dresses to bridal party sizes to cakes and venues. Since no one ever plans on getting married more than once, you make the choices that best reflect you at the time of your wedding.

My own wedding was wonderful – a church wedding in my hometown, a reception at a hall (in another town) and pictures at a park along the route between venues. Mike (my husband) and I had four attendants each and tried not to request too much of them time-wise or financially. We were young, I was 21 and he 24. We needed the financial help of our parents for a wedding otherwise it would have been a city-hall wedding for us. We were very grateful to have so much parental support. At the time it was the perfect wedding, but if I was to get married now, at 32 years old, it would be drastically different.

Starting with size – from 165 guests probably down to less than 100. Maybe at an inn or a restaurant? I no longer care what my dress would look like. I would have a second hand dress or even borrow one. Would I have a dance? I don’t know. Would I have a big sit down meal…maybe. The idea of an intimate home ceremony surrounded by immediate family and the closest of friends sounds fantastic. I never got to choose the content of my ceremony since I had a church wedding. It was a lovely service performed by a minister whom I had known most of my life. But if you hire an officiant with All Seasons…ahem…such as me…..the couple can completely control the content of THEIR day.

So I’m curious…what would you change about your wedding?