What I Would Change About My Wedding

After 11 years of marriage, having a wedding videography business and officiating ceremonies, there is a LOT that I would change about my wedding. Chances are you feel the same way even if you’ve only been married for a short time. Styles change from year to year, from dresses to bridal party sizes to cakes and venues. Since no one ever plans on getting married more than once, you make the choices that best reflect you at the time of your wedding.

My own wedding was wonderful – a church wedding in my hometown, a reception at a hall (in another town) and pictures at a park along the route between venues. Mike (my husband) and I had four attendants each and tried not to request too much of them time-wise or financially. We were young, I was 21 and he 24. We needed the financial help of our parents for a wedding otherwise it would have been a city-hall wedding for us. We were very grateful to have so much parental support. At the time it was the perfect wedding, but if I was to get married now, at 32 years old, it would be drastically different.

Starting with size – from 165 guests probably down to less than 100. Maybe at an inn or a restaurant? I no longer care what my dress would look like. I would have a second hand dress or even borrow one. Would I have a dance? I don’t know. Would I have a big sit down meal…maybe. The idea of an intimate home ceremony surrounded by immediate family and the closest of friends sounds fantastic. I never got to choose the content of my ceremony since I had a church wedding. It was a lovely service performed by a minister whom I had known most of my life. But if you hire an officiant with All Seasons…ahem…such as me…..the couple can completely control the content of THEIR day.

So I’m curious…what would you change about your wedding?

Trends in Wedding Ceremonies

  Been to a wedding lately? Noticed anything different?

Wedding ceremonies have gone through a lot of changes over the past few years, even since my wedding in 2003. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Some of these changes are fairly obvious – such as the switch from church/religious ceremonies to non-denominational ceremonies, small weddings and wedding parties, and unique vows.

The first ceremony I ever conducted was very, very small. About 8 guests, all immediate family, gathered in the couple’s backyard, drinks in hand. I had never been to such a small wedding myself and was very lucky that it was this type of wedding that got to be my first. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I could have been. The couple and I wrote the ceremony together and they played with the wording and content until it was a true reflection of themselves. I guided them along the way with samples but ultimately it was their ceremony and their final say…as it should be!

I’ve performed countless ceremonies where there wasn’t even a bridal party. The couple simply invited two close family members or friends to come forward at the appropriate time to act as witnesses. And it works very well. No one has to buy a dress or rent a tux. People come to the wedding as they are, not a made up version of themselves. And for that I would like to apologize to my own bridesmaids for the dresses I made them buy and the money they had to spend. We had a great time so I think it was ok…but I certainly could have given you girls more choices. After all, it was my wedding and not yours.

Large weddings are still lots of fun to go to and officiate. I may meet someone I haven’t seen in years and didn’t know they were connected with the couple. Plus there is a party atmosphere like no other. But not many people can truly afford such large weddings anymore unless they are potluck. And I don’t see that trend coming back around just yet.

If I was asked to pick just one trend that I repeatedly see, it is a couple’s personalization of their ceremony. Everything from the content to location, each ceremony is becoming very unique and you are able to distinguish one couples’ ceremony from the next. When given choices, couples are becoming as excited about their ceremony as they are about the reception. It is no longer just a part of the day to get through to get to the party. Why can’t the party start with the ceremony?

My hope for each engaged couple is that they find ways to make their ceremony unique and memorable, for themselves and their guests. Look for ways to include people (such as passing the rings around so everyone can make a wish) and hold the ceremony in a meaningful location, such as the park where you had your first picnic together. If you can, invite your pet to walk down the aisle since they are an important family member. Try something new and it could become the latest trend.

Remember – ceremonies can be FUN!

Simple Bloggings!

Today I plan on posting my first blog – Trends in Wedding Ceremonies. I hope that through all my blogs I can provide information, advice and entertainment on topics both wedding and baptism related.

I plan on showcasing some of my favourite wedding-related charities and businesses. My goal is to have you share your own experiences as well so that we may laugh together, share triumphs and challenges in what becomes one of the most memorable day’s of our life.

Happy reading!