Should You Write Your Own Vows?

I’ve had couples tell me that they want to write their own vows, but it seems too difficult. Weddings can be stressful enough so I don’t encourage anyone to add unnecessary stress to their plans.

Under my Samples page I have vows that range from traditional to more contemporary. I invite couples to choose either an entire set that speaks to them or take their favourite lines from different sets and combine them. This way they have sort of written their own but did it without any stress.

An added bonus of this method is that, if done separately, the bride and groom will likely choose different lines or arrange them in a different order. The final product can be unexpected. The bride and groom can each e-mail me their personally written vows and wait to hear what his/her partner has chosen until the ceremony.

It’s personal, fun and best of all…not stressful!

Call Cassie for wedding day makeup!

I haven’t seen Cassie Prouse since high school. Naturally we reconnected throughMakeup pallette Facebook. When we met for coffee and treats in Tillsonburg one recent morning, we were eager to catch up and talk about our involvement in the local wedding industry. I was interested in Cassie’s career and enthusiasm for esthetics and, more recently, doing makeup application for wedding parties. I’ve always loved makeup but actually know very little about proper application and skin care. That’s where Cassie can help.

Cassie received her education in esthetics from Marvel Beauty Schools in London. Following the completion of her programs in 2001 she worked in salons for 7 years. It was through these experiences that she gained the knowledge required to provide quality services. I met with Cassie to discuss the makeup services she offers directly to bridal parties in their homes, hotels or any location they have chosen for wedding day preparations.

Cassie began offering these services initially for friends about three years ago. As word spread she became busier and joined with other women who also offer in-home wedding day services (such as hairstyling). Some of these women can assist Eyebrow PicCassie with makeup for bridal parties larger than 5 people. With an 8am start, she must have the assistance from collegues to ensure everyone is ready for the ceremony and photographs at a reasonable time. It takes approximately one half hour to 45 minutes to complete makeup services for one girl on the wedding day.

“Brides should definitely have a makeup trial 2-3 weeks before the wedding,” Cassie advises. “We will both feel organized and prepared for the wedding day.” Cassie further stated that “our skin tones change and especially for summer weddings the bride will likely develop a tan which changes the foundation she requires.”

Cassie also advises that a trial should be essential for girls who normally do not wear much makeup. This appointment, which is mostly to confirm the makeup that will be used for eyes and lips, assists the bride herself with understanding the amount of makeup required for her to look her best. “Brides who are not used to wearing much makeup are often amazed at how much is needed to ensure it lasts for many hours. Throughout the day the makeup will lighten, but we need to be sure it will last at least through the ceremony and following pictures.” Girls are often wary of the amount of lipstick initially applied. “It is important to have lips,” says Cassie, “otherwise they won’t show up in pictures.”

Lindsay and Andrew JackoThe trial also helps both Cassie and bride to confirm if she wishes to have a natural look or more dramatic application. When determining colours considerations will be given not only to the time of year (more plum colours in the fall and lighter colours in summer) but also to the colours of the bridesmaids dresses, flowers and general theme of the wedding. I asked Cassie if there are any current trends in wedding makeup. She replied that from September to November the trend is more dramatic. This thrills many junior bridesmaids who are excited to wear makeup for their role.

Cassie, however, cautions those who are quite set on wearing a lot or very little makeup. “Everyone in the bridal party has her own tastes which I can accommodate, but I still need to make sure everyone compliments one another and no one person stands out too much in the pictures.” Bridal partyNot only does this require Cassie’s expertise in application but also a good brand of makeup. She has used various brands in the past but has recently become a Mary Kay representative and plans to introduce their products. “Mary Kay offers mineral based products”, explains Cassie. “Mineral based makeups work best the more you perspire making them the perfect choice for weddings, especially in the heat of the summer.” By using Mary Kay, Cassie will be able to leave girls with a sample lipstick to carry with them throughout the day.

MelissaWhen asked for further advice that she could provide, Cassie did have something for girls to consider. She offers eyelash services and Cassie wishes to remind girls of the difference in those services. “I sometimes have girls call me asking for the $12.00 lash service. Please know that this (service) is actually for false lashes that are glued on which is different than eyelash extensions which are more costly.”

Cassie currently charges $50.00 for bridal makeup (which includes the trial) and $40.00 for bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride and any other girl requesting wedding day makeup. Additional charges for travel may be required. For aCassie flawless look sure to last the majority of the wedding day, this is a small expense. Plus, it’s just plain fun to be able to relax and enjoy the day’s celebrations while leaving this aspect of the wedding in the hands of a professional.

Cassie is currently booked for one wedding per month in 2015 with multiple bookings during the summer months. And it’s no wonder. Cassie loves what she does and it shows. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and works hard to ensure every bride feels her most beautiful for her wedding.

Be sure to call 519-614-0472 or email to book your bridal party today!